Invoicing and payment for services

We pay service providers directly for approved treatment, rehabilitation and care services.

How to invoice us

Invoicing us correctly means you'll receive your payments sooner. We'll pay you by electronic transfer. Your invoice must include:

  • your ABN and registered business name,
  • the date of invoice and the date of service,
  • an invoice number, and
  • the cost (including GST), which must not exceed the pre-approved amount on the certificate (or purchase order).

Your invoice should only be submitted after services have been provided. Each scheme has additional invoicing requirements.

The Australian Tax Office also has information on how to structure an invoice correctly.

    Invoicing and payment

  • icare Lifetime Care

    Service providers will receive a copy of a certificate or purchase order which outlines the services approved. This will have following information which must be included on your invoice:

    • the participant's name and scheme number eg 12/B975 (one participant per invoice)
    • the service approval number (RP) and payment code (eg 503 for provider travel) for each service.

    Invoices can be sent as PDF to (no other enquiries should be sent to this address).

    Or via Post to:

    icare Lifetime Care
    GPO Box 4052
    Sydney NSW 2001

    If your invoice contains all the required information it will be paid within 30 days. If information is missing, it will be sent back to you.

    If you have questions about invoices and payments, contact Accounts Payable on 1300 416 829 or email

  • icare Dust Diseases Care

    All invoices must include the Dust Diseases Care file number and purchase order number. These will be paid within 30 days.

    If you are providing services to a client for the first time, you need to first complete the Vendor File Addition/Change Request form (below) before you can invoice us.

    If you have any questions about payment of invoices you can contact Dust Diseases Care on (02) 8223 6600.

    Invoices can be sent via email as a PDF attachment to Email is the preferred method for invoice submission.

    You can also send invoices by post to:

    icare Dust Diseases Care
    GPO Box 5323
    Sydney NSW 2001

    Or via fax:

    02 9279 6600 

  • icare Workers Care Program

    Invoices can be submitted via email as a PDF attachment to Email is the preferred method for invoice submission.

    You can also send invoices by post to:

    icare Workers Care Program
    GPO Box 4052
    Sydney NSW 2001

    Or via fax: 

    1300 738 583 

    If you're providing services to a worker for the first time, you'll need to complete a Vendor File Addition/Change Request Form and send it to Workers Care. This form is available below, and from the icare Workers Care Program coordinator.

    To prevent delays in payment, please make sure all required details are included on all invoices sent to the icare Workers Care Program. A full list of what details are needed can be found in the 'Invoice requirements' information sheet below.