How to escalate concerns

If your patient’s recovery or workers compensation claim is being impacted by issues you can’t resolve, there’s a process to escalate them.

If your patient is not recovering from their injury or returning to work as you would expect, you can contact the insurer. Depending on the circumstances, they may engage additional services or resources to discuss other possible strategies which may assist in the management of the injury.

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Escalating your patient’s concerns with their claim

We understand everyone’s situation is different, and that resolving complex issues can be challenging. 

Where there is uncertainty and disagreement, there are support services available for both your patient and their employer. Your patient may escalate their own concerns, and should be encouraged to do so. However, in some instances there may be a reason your patient is unable to raise a concern, and may require your assistance.

If your patient is experiencing problems with their claim, your first step should be to contact the case manager within the insurer handling the claim. If the insurer is unable to resolve your issue, contact the icare Customer Service Centre on 13 44 22.