Working with us as an attendant care provider

We provide attendant care to people with severe workplace and motor accident injuries or dust diseases.

We only approve attendant care providers who are skilled and can deliver high quality services to meet the needs of these people.

We have a panel of approved attendant care providers who are appointed through a tender process every three to five years. Our panel can deliver services for Lifetime Care, Dust Diseases Care and the Workers Care program. The current panel was engaged in February 2018.

We advertise all tenders in our eNews and on NSW eTendering.

The tender documents outline all the requirements for a provider to be appointed to our panel. This includes attaining the Attendant Care Industry Standard (ACIS), a national quality management certification administered by the Australian Community Industry Alliance (ACIA), previously the Attendant Care Industry Association.

ACIS focuses on the key issues required to deliver high quality, individualised attendant care in the community.

For more information, see the ACIA website or contact our attendant care team.

Attendant care provider database

We maintain a database (called the Attendant Care Finder) of approved attendant care providers who can deliver services for icare.

This database is available for use by service providers, people in our care schemes and their families and the wider community. It can be used to locate potential attendant care providers from specific localities and/or with specific experience and skills.

Approved attendant care panel providers can promote their services by providing us with information which we can attach to their entry in the Attendant Care Finder.

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