Health Benefits of Good Work

Many studies support the health benefits of good work. 

More than 170 Australian organisations across health, government and industry have signed the Health Benefits of Good Work Consensus Statement. All signatories agree on facilitating access to the health benefits of good work and the seven fundamental principles about the relationship between health and good work. 

These principles can help shape your conversations with workers about why it’s important to be engaged in good work.

Fundamental principles

  1. The provision of good work is a key determinant of the health and wellbeing of employees, their families and broader society.

  2. Long term work absence, work disability and unemployment may have a negative impact on health and wellbeing.
  3. All workplaces should strive to be both healthy and safe.
  4. Providing access to good work is an effective means of reducing poverty and social exclusion.

  5. With active assistance, many of those who have the potential to work, but are not currently working, can be enabled to access the benefits of good work.
  6. Safe and healthy work practices, understanding and accommodating cultural and social beliefs, a healthy workplace culture, effective and equitable injury management programs and positive relationships within workplaces are key determinants of individual health, wellbeing, engagement and productivity.
  7. Good outcomes are more likely when individuals understand, and are supported to access the benefits of good work especially when entering the workforce for the first time, seeking re-employment or recovering at work following a period of injury or illness.