icare to allocate employer policies across Claims Service Providers

Throughout 2023, icare expanded the number of Claims Service Providers within the Nominal Insurer scheme to six partners to ensure injured workers get the best possible care when they need it most, and that employers are fully supported.

The six Claims Service Providers are Allianz, EML, GIO, QBE, DXC Technology and Gallagher Bassett. Claims Service Providers are companies that manage claims on behalf of icare.

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Our Claims Service Providers

three of the six claim service providers which include Allianz, DXC Technology and EML Mutual
Three of the six claim service providers which include Gallagher Bassett, GIO and QBE

How policies will be transferred to Claims Service Providers

icare will change the Claims Service Provider that is allocated to many policy holders to ensure a fair allocation of policies among our Claims Service Providers.

Which policies will this apply to?

Only employers with an Average Performance Premium (APP) or Group Average Performance Premium (GAPP) of less than $200,000 may have their policy moved.

Grouped employers will keep a common Claims Service Provider and will not have their new claims split across multiple providers.

Employers will be notified if icare has selected their policy for transfer.

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    Frequently asked questions

  • How are policies selected for Claims Service Provider allocation?

    icare will select customers for transfer on a number of criteria including if:

    • an employer has a maximum of two open claims with their existing Claims Service Provider at the time of selection for transfer, and
    • they have an Average Performance Premium or Group Average Performance Premium of less than $200,000.
  • What happens if I lodge a claim prior to the transfer?

    If you lodge a claim between icare notifying you that your policy will be transferring to the new claims service provider and the transfer date, the claim should be lodged with your existing Claims Service Provider.

    The policy transfer will continue to take place and your claim will remain with the current provider.

  • Will this affect my policy premium?
    The change will not impact the method icare uses to calculate your policy premium. However, for experience rated employers, claims cost will continue to be included in the calculation.
  • Who can I speak to if I have any questions?
    Customers can contact icare directly to provide their feedback. You are welcome to call us on 13 44 22.