Claiming out-of-pocket expenses in CTP Care

If you're a client in CTP Care, we can reimburse you for approved services and treatment.

We prefer service providers to invoice us directly for your treatment and services, but we understand this isn’t always possible.

We can reimburse you for approved treatment and rehabilitation services that you have paid for yourself.

You can make a claim for reimbursement by sending us an expense claim form or you can authorise someone else to act  on your behalf. Your CTP Care contact can provide you with a copy of the expense claim form, or you can download one below.

Call your CTP Care contact to request an Authority to Act form if you want to authorise someone to act on your behalf.

Before you make any payments, you should check that the expenses can be reimbursed and seek verbal approval before paying if possible.

There may be exceptional circumstances where obtaining approval beforehand is not possible, such as a medical appointment at short notice. If this happens, talk to your CTP Care contact as soon as possible.

Expense claim forms

To make a claim for reimbursement you must submit an expense claim form. If the expense is related to your injury and meets the reasonable and necessary criteria we will reimburse you. 

    Making an expense claim

  • Expenses you can claim

    Types of expenses you can claim include:

    • Mileage and fares for travel to your approved treatment and care appointments
    • Approved injury-related medicines you purchase from a pharmacy
    • Injury-related medical appointments arranged at short notice.


  • What to include

    You need to include all of the following information so the expense claim can be processed.


    The submission date of the form.

    Person to be reimbursed

    The name and details of the person who will be reimbursed − this could be you or someone else. If authorising payment to another person, also complete section 2 of the Expense claim form and an Authority to Act form. Call your CTP Care contact to request an Authority to Act form.

    If this is the first time you are claiming expenses or your bank account details have changed, you also need to complete an EFT Details form, so we know which bank account to send the payment to.


    For purchased items attach a tax invoice, receipt or fare ticket. We will accept digital copies but you must keep the original for auditing purposes.

    For injury-related prescription medication, please include a dispensary computer-generated tax receipt, which details if the medication is being supplied under the pharmaceutical benefits scheme. Request this from your pharmacist.


    If you are claiming for travel, the CTP Care Travel log (PDF, 0.1MB) is an additional resource to help you record kilometres travelled.

    You must include:

    • For mileage: The start and end destination, the total kilometres per trip (based on the shortest most direct route) and the reason for the trip. (For example, ‘Appointment from A to B and back, 75km return, Dr Smith rehabilitation specialist’)
    • For parking: The receipt/parking ticket and the reason why the parking was needed
    • For tolls: The name of the motorway used, tolls charged, the date of travel and the reason why the motorway was required
  • Submitting your form

    You should send in an expense claim within three months of paying for the expense. You don’t have to submit a form every time you pay for something – one form can cover several expenses. You can send the form to us by email or post to:



    Care Expense Claim
    GPO Box 4052
    Sydney, NSW 2001

  • Next steps
    • Your CTP Care contact will review the expense claim to make sure the items you are seeking reimbursement for meet the criteria.
    • You’ll be advised if there are any items that can’t be reimbursed.
    • Payment will be made by electronic funds transfer into the nominated bank account within 15 days.