Take out a sports insurance policy

Our sporting injuries insurance scheme provides affordable cover to more than 150 sporting groups in NSW.

We provide sporting insurance for sports organisations of all kinds in NSW. From soccer clubs to fishing groups, we’re here to provide cover for serious injuries and fatalities.

We’re a no-fault scheme that’s designed to complement private health insurance or other forms of player accident insurance. With affordable premiums and significant benefits, sports insurance is a great way to make sure your players are protected.

Why should you take out a policy

Membership in the icare sporting injuries insurance scheme is open to all sporting organisations in NSW.

Sports organisations that want to protect their participants and sporting officials against serious injuries should take out a policy.

Our sporting injuries cover is available for as little as a $1 per participant, with a minimum annual premium of $165.

We don’t cover minor injuries, such as breaks, sprains, abrasions, cuts and bruises, or dental injuries.

If you want insurance against these types of injuries, you’ll need to take out a separate private policy with another insurer.

How to take out a policy

You can download the application form (below) and email the completed form to sportinginjuries@icare.nsw.gov.au.

To apply for cover, get a quote or ask a question, call us on 13 44 22.