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Our lung screening service makes it easy for employers to comply with work safety obligations and monitor the respiratory health of workers exposed to asbestos, crystalline silica and other hazardous dusts.

Lung screening means checking a person’s breathing by giving them regular lung health medical tests. The medical tests are quick and painless and can help with early identification of a dust disease.

Each year, icare delivers more than 5,000 lung health checks for people across New South Wales. We do our best to schedule appointments at a time that suits you.

"icare’s lung screening services are thorough, and the personnel are very helpful and polite,"
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What happens in a lung health check

The lung health check takes up to 60 minutes for people who have, or are, working with engineered stone, and around 30 minutes for people who have been exposed to other dust types.

The lung health check involves:

  • chest x-ray
  • spirometry test (lung function test)
  • doctor consult
  • follow-up CT scan as required (to be advised by the doctor reviewing screening results)

After the appointment, your results are reviewed by our specialist doctor(s), who will explain the results to you and respond to any questions you may have. Your report will also be sent to you in the mail.

We are required to keep medical results in our secure database for a minimum of 40 years. You can request results held by us at any time.

Cost and payment

If you think you may have been exposed to harmful dust while employed in a NSW workplace, you are entitled to a free lung screening service.

Book an appointment

To book your lung screening appointment, simply call us on 1800 550 027 or email us at between 9am and 5pm, Monday-Friday.

You will need to provide us with your preferred service, dates and times. 

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Prepare for an appointment

To help you prepare for your appointment please:

  • Complete the Worker Respiratory Questionnaire and return it to icare at least 10 days before your appointment
  • Read the Prepare for an appointment info sheet so you know how to get ready for your appointment and what to expect on the day.


Book an appointment

When you contact us to book an appointment, we will ask you to provide us with:

  1. Your preferred service, dates and times and the number of workers to receive lung screening
  2. A copy of your current workers compensation policy, your “Certificate of Currency”
  3. A completed Health Screening Service Agreement

Next, we will confirm your appointment and ask you to get each worker to complete our Worker Respiratory Questionnaire.

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