HBCF premium calculator

Homeowners and builders can use our calculator to estimate the premium they will need to pay for a residential building project

Our premium calculator can give you an estimated cost of the total insurance premium payable for your residential building project.

This includes base premium, GST and stamp duty. Applications processed through insurance brokers may be subject to additional fees for service. Please refer to our Structural V Non-Structural Construction classification types for HBCF Insurance premium purposes guide (PDF 0.1MB) before using the premium calculator. Note the icare HBCF Eligibility Manual is the primary reference when processing applications.

 HBCF Premiums - Postcode Guide
 Metropolitan (Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast)  Regional
 From To From To
2000 2309 2311 2312
2315 2327 2328 2551
2555 2574 2575 2594
 2745  2786  2618  2739

2787 2898
  Other - 2611, 3644, 3691, 3707, 4377, 4380, 4383, 4385