Treatment and care for long-term injuries

CTP Care can pay for your treatment and care if you have a long-term injury caused by a motor accident in NSW and have an accepted CTP claim.

We advise you to obtain approval from CTP Care before accessing services. Speak with your CTP Care contact about your treatment and care needs.

An individual, company or organisation that CTP Care pays to deliver agreed services that meet your treatment and care needs is referred to as a service provider.

Examples of service providers include:

  • doctors
  • physiotherapists
  • pharmacists
  • psychologists.

How to request treatment and care services

Speak with your CTP Care contact. They will guide you and your chosen service provider through submitting a request.

Within 10 working days of receiving your request, you and your service provider will be informed in writing of the outcome. Talk to your CTP Care contact if you require treatment and care more urgently.

If we can't approve the request, we will explain why and what your options may be. If we can approve the request, you and your provider can schedule the approved service and we will pay the provider directly.

You choose your service provider

You should consider providers who are local to you and have the skills and experience to meet your needs. If you wish we can help you find a suitable provider.

The Choosing a service provider information sheet (PDF, 0.01MB) includes:

  • how to find a service provider
  • questions to ask them
  • what to do if you're not happy with a service provider.

Telehealth information for clients

We understand that COVID-19 has made it difficult for clients in CTP Care to attend face-to-face health and therapy services. You can access some medical and health appointments via phone or video call (telehealth).

Telehealth consultations require pre-approval from CTP Care and must be consented to by all parties: the client, the health or therapy provider and CTP Care.

View the Telehealth information for clients (PDF, 0.08MB) for details about what to expect when accessing telehealth services.

Payment of approved treatment and care services

Providers are encouraged to invoice us directly for payment, so you don't have to pay for approved services yourself.

Travel expenses can also be reimbursed.

More information on claiming a reimbursement can be found on the Claiming out-of-pocket expenses page.

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