In the event of a fatality

In the event of a workplace death, there is important information that families and employers need to know.

See below for information about who you need to notify, how to make a claim and what support is available for families and workplaces.

First, notify SafeWork NSW that a workplace fatality has occurred 

If a notifiable incident occurs, you must notify SafeWork NSW immediately on 13 10 50.

A ‘notifiable incident’ under the work health and safety legislation relates to:

  • the death of a person
  • a serious injury or illness of a person
  • a dangerous incident.

Significant penalties apply to employers who fail to notify SafeWork NSW of an incident. In some instances SafeWork NSW may conduct an investigation.

Visit SafeWork NSW for more information. 

Then, notify us about the fatality

When a fatality occurs, you'll also need to inform us.

We will provide information and support to employers, families or those acting on the family’s behalf and step you through the process to make a compensation claim.

Contact the Claims Service Provider for the Workers Compensation Insurance policy to notify the fatality or to make a claim. You can notify a fatality online or by phone, email or post.

Phone Email Post

Call the Claims Service Provider;
You can find the contact details
via the below link.

Workers Insurance Claim enquiry
| icare ( 

Notifications, claims, and general enquiries
(Closed on public holidays)

Email the completed Fatality Notification Form(PDF) to
the Claims Service Provider; You can find the contact details
via the below link.

Workers Insurance Claim enquiry
| icare ( 

Post the completed Fatality Notification Form(PDF) 
to following address.

Locked Bag 2099 North Ryde BC NSW 1670

If you are unsure which Claims Service Provider to contact, call icare on 13 77 22 for help.

Notify a Fatality online

Once you’ve notified a fatality 

When a fatality notification is received, a dedicated fatalities Case Manager will be appointed to support you through the claims process.

Your Case Manager will contact you (or the person who notified the incident) within few business days to talk through what happens next.

Your Case Manager will explain what information is needed from the employer and the family to determine if compensation is payable, and keep you updated regularly about the investigation.

Your Case Manager will also assist you by providing information about support services available through icare.

Entitlements for families

If the investigation finds that the death of a worker was work-related, compensation is payable.

Benefits include:

  • funeral expenses (up to the maximum allowable amount)
  • a lump sum payment
  • weekly payments for dependent children up to the age of 16 (or 21 if they are in full time education).

Your Case Manager will provide further information about entitlements once a liability decision is made.

Find out more about payments for families

Support for families following a fatality

Free grief counselling support is available to families who have lost a loved one in a work-related incident. Your Case Manager will provide information about how to make an appointment.

You can find out more information about counselling and other support services in the icare Grief support pack (PDF 0.5MB) that your Case Manager will send out to you.

Additional support is also available to families through icare’s Community Support Services (CSS). CSS can help you connect with other government agencies and community-based services. Your Case Manager will provide you with information about CSS.

Download icare's Grief support pack (PDF 0.5MB)

Family and Injured Workers Support and Advisory Group

The Family and Injured Workers Support and Advisory Group include family members who have lost a loved one in a workplace incident. Supported by SafeWork NSW, the group provide resources, support and information to help you, including information about SafeWork investigations:

Support for workplaces

In some circumstances, onsite trauma debriefing services are available for workplaces. Your Case Manager will talk with employers about onsite debriefing if you do not already have access to an Employee Assistance Program or other support.