Equipment and modifications

If you have a work-related dust disease, we may be able to pay for equipment and home modifications to assist you in your daily life.

What we can pay for depends on your needs, the nature of your illness and your personal circumstances.


If you have been accepted in our Dust Diseases Care program, we will provide an occupational therapist to make an assessment of your equipment needs. Some low-cost equipment may be purchased and reimbursed without an assessment, but it’s best to check with us first before purchasing an item.

What we pay for

We pay for the purchase or hire of equipment that has been prescribed or recommended by a healthcare professional, and which is required as a result of your illness.

Some examples of what we can pay for are:

  • Wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories, including seating and wheels
  • Consumable products, including respiratory equipment
  • Communication and assistive equipment.


We can pay for the maintenance or replacement of equipment. This includes:

  • Maintenance and repairs to equipment funded by icare, resulting from normal wear and tear
  • Routine maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer or to meet industry standards
  • Adjustments to equipment due to growth, or other changes in your needs.

Equipment insurance

If you have equipment that has been paid for by icare, and this equipment is lost, accidentally damaged or stolen, we need to know straight away.

Insurance may be available for the repair or replacement of the equipment.

Home modifications

Home modifications can only be provided to people with a compensable dust disease who have been accepted into the Dust Disease Care program. 

We can arrange for an occupational therapist to complete an assessment of your needs. If they recommend home modifications, such as handrails or access ramps to help improve your mobility at home, we can arrange for the build work to be completed.

Contact us to arrange an assessment of your needs.

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