Keeping records and providing information

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to meet specific obligations, including maintaining and providing timely information to your employees and your insurer.

A register of work-related injury or illness

If you're an employer, you must keep a register of injuries to record workplace injuries or illnesses sustained by workers, even if there has not been a claim.

The register of injuries must include:

  • name of the injured worker
  • worker's address
  • worker's age at the time of injury
  • worker's occupation at the time of injury
  • industry in which the worker was engaged at the time of injury
  • time and date of injury
  • nature of the injury
  • cause of the injury.

The register of injuries containing every notifiable incident can be recorded in a hard copy or on a computer. You must make sure your team is appropriately trained to access the register.

Register of injuries template - SafeWork NSW

In the event of an injury or fatality

If there is a fatality at work, we'll need to provide support and information, however Safe Work NSW needs to be notified as a first step. 

Report a fatality

Information for employees

Every employer must provide information to employees about workers compensation and what to do if injured at work. This information can either be displayed as a poster or delivered electronically.

Report a fatality or make a fatality claim form (PDF, 0.1 MB)

Wages paid

Every employer with an icare Workers Insurance policy needs to declare the amount of wages paid within the year. This helps make sure you're paying the right premium amount and that everyone pays their fair share into the scheme.

You're required to lodge a declaration at the end of your workers compensation insurance policy period.

Declare wages

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