Quoting for claims work

Our Claims Quoting System (CQS) allows you to register interest to receive email alerts to provide a quote on any of our current claims.

How does the Claims Quoting System registration work?

All you need to do is click on the new claims notification tab in the table below, select subscribe and follow the instructions to register for email alerts for future projects.

After you've registered, we'll send you an email alert when a project is created in CQS if your eligibility profile matches the project requirements and your current open job limits allow you to proceed with registering your interest on a specific claim.

If you are not registered to receive email alerts, you can still register your interest by selecting a project from the list below and following the instructions to register your interest for the work.

HBCF Claims Quoting System User Guide - Builder (PDF 1.5MB)

Builder Self-Service Portal

For those builders registered on the Builder Self-Service Portal (BSSP) you can use the BSSP to view those projects where your eligibility profile matches the project requirements. If your current open job limits allow, you can then proceed to register your interest on a specific claim via the BSSP.

Register on the Builder Self Service Portal

After you've registered

Whether you register your interest in a project via CQS or the BSSP, we then check to make sure you are located reasonably close to the project.

We then shortlist five builders and three reserve builders to provide quotes. The maximum number of projects you can be shortlisted for is dependent on your annual turnover.

A building consultant will be appointed by us to provide a scope of work to selected builders for each claim. The consultant is also the point of contact if you have any queries.

Successful bids

The homeowner selects the builder and if you’re successful, the Claims Manager, Gallagher Bassett, will tell you what we’ll pay and if there is any payment due from the homeowner.

Any insurance funds will be paid before the homeowner uses their own funds.

You will have to have to enter into a new building contract with the homeowner if the work is in excess of $5,000.

Where the work exceeds $20,000, you will also be required to provide a new Certificate of Insurance as the original policy will not cover any work you undertake. It is important to note that you are not responsible for any defective and/or incomplete work by previous builders.

If you discover additional defective work needs to be done once you have started the work, you will need to inform the Claims Manager and building consultant who will then confirm if the additional work forms part of the claim.