Update your claim or claim a reimbursement

If you've recently notified us that an injury has occurred and would like to provide more information or claim a reimbursement, you can do this by uploading supporting documents.

Have you made a notification or a claim and still have documents to share with us?

You can use our online submission form to upload these in one place. You'll need your claim number that you received when you submitted your notification or claim.

Upload supporting documents

What sort of documents can I upload?

Certificate of Capacity

A medical certificate from a treating doctor which communicates the injured person’s ability to work.

Medical-related documents

Any medical-related documents, invoices, receipts, reports and scans.

Wage-related documents

Wage summary, payslips, pre-injury average weekly earnings (PIAWE) form, agreement forms and wage reimbursement schedules.

Injury Management

Non-medical documents or reports in relation to your injury. This may include rehabilitation reports, activity logs and other documentation.

Other types of documents

Multiple documents in one file (for example, a single scan containing certificate of capacity and pay slips), return-to-work plan.

Upload supporting documents

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