Small business hub

Resources and information for small employers to support your business, helping you understand and manage your workers compensation—including guidance on your policy and claims, managing return-to-work and more.

If your average performance premium (APP) (that's total wages multiplied by your industry rate) is $30,000 or less, this hub is for you.

Calculating your premium

Being a small employer means that if you have an injured worker, their claim costs are not included in your premium calculation, so you don't have to worry about claims impacting your premium.

Premium calculation for small employers

The NSW Workers Compensation Landscape: small business

What makes small business different to other sectors when it comes to workers compensation? Which injuries are common in small business?

As the largest workers compensation insurer in NSW, we have access to a range of valuable data and insights.

Download the latest infographic to gain a better understanding of workers compensation in small business and how you can create a safer workplace for you and your workers.

Download the NSW Workers Compensation Landscape (PDF 0.7MB)


Practical guides and tools

As a small business employer insured under the Nominal Insurer Workers Compensation Scheme in NSW, there are services included in the cost of your premium that are available to you.


Get insights from the experts.

Mobile Engagement Team events

icare's Mobile Engagement Team host face-to-face and online events to help equip customers and enhance your knowledge in the workers compensation space.


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