Care for people severely injured in the workplace

We introduced the Workers Care Program to improve the way treatment and care services are delivered to people who are severely injured at work.

If you’ve been injured at work, you may be eligible to make a claim for workers compensation. If your injury was severe, you may meet the criteria for your treatment and care needs to be managed through our Workers Care Program.

Types of severe injuries

Severe injuries can include:

  • spinal cord injury
  • brain injury
  • amputations
  • burns
  • permanent blindness

The criteria used to decide whether your treatment and care needs will be managed by Workers Care Program are the same as the injury criteria for the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme for people severely injured in a motor accident in NSW.

How it works

You’ll need to have an accepted workers compensation claim before you can access the Workers Care Program.

Generally, your case manager at the insurance agent who manages your workers compensation claim will contact us if they think your injury will meet the criteria for the program. They’ll arrange for any assessments needed to assess your injury and help you complete the required forms.

If your injury meets the criteria, we’ll contact you to let you know. We’ll also assign you a Workers Care Program coordinator who’ll be your contact at icare.

You’ll have your treatment and care needs met under NSW workers compensation legislation through the Workers Care Program. Your employer’s workers compensation insurance agent will continue to manage weekly payments and all other types of compensation.