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Brokers and industry groups maintain an important role in the workers insurance industry.

Brokers and industry groups maintain an important role in the workers insurance industry. In recognising this important role, icare’s Broker, Employer & Industry Engagement Team works with brokers and employers to ensure customers are not only informed about the latest developments in workers insurance, but also provided access to industry expertise and resources that add value to customers.

We understand that employers and industries are different; they have different needs and goals. Our objective is to work with our broker, employer and industry partners to pinpoint opportunities that guide and support customers as we build, implement and promote initiatives that reduce premiums and foster safer workplaces.

Our new broker channel

Brokers will soon be able to access:

  • A simple interface to buy and renew workers insurance policies online
  • Consolidated policy information in one place, ensuring transparency and accuracy
  • Access policy and billing information through our dedicated Customer Support Centre.

For more information, talk to a customer service representative today on 13 44 22

    Frequently asked questions

  • What is a letter of appointment (LOA) and when is it required?
    An LOA confirms an employer has appointed a broker or consultant as their authorised delegate for their workers insurance program. Having an LOA also provides you with full access to data contained within a cost of claims report.
  • Why has icare created a new standardised LOA template?

    The standardised LOA template aims to better protect the privacy of employers and injured workers. It does this by clearly outlining the responsibilities of employers and brokers when accessing information or transacting within the workers compensation scheme.

  • Does the icare LOA need to be signed by both broker and employer?
    Yes the icare LOA needs to be signed by both the broker and employer as acknowledgement that both parties understand their responsibilities and the terms of the agreement.
  • Why won't icare continue to accept an existing broker LOA?
    Historically the scheme has been receiving inconsistent letters of appointment that don’t provide sufficient details on the functions or responsibilities of employers or brokers with regard to the way information will be used. This results in icare needing to seek further information, creating a burden on employers and their brokers.
  • Will I continue to receive a cost of claims report if I don’t use the current icare LOA?
    Submit your completed LOA to us by Tuesday 31 August 2021 to ensure you continue to have access to Cost of Claims reports from August 2021. If you do not provide an updated icare LOA, you will no longer receive Cost of Claims reports.
  • Will icare only accept an LOA if it is prepared on the new template?
    icare will accept an LOA that has been prepared on a different template provided the content is exactly the same as that specified in the icare LOA, including signatures from both broker and employer.
  • My workers compensation is managed by a consultant or third party. Do I still need to use the current icare LOA?
    You will still need to complete the icare LOA, however you will also require a letter from your third-party provider. Please contact icare on 13 77 22 if you require this.
  • What happens if I change my broker? Do I need to redo my LOA with the updated details?
    It is important to notify icare of any changes immediately. To notify of a change of broker, contact icare on 13 77 22.
  • Where do I send my completed letter of appointment?

    You can send your completed Letter of Appointment to

    If you would also like to receive claims reports, please send your Letter of Appointment to

    Please ensure that the customer policy/reference number and broker name are clearly visible.

  • What is a letter of authority and when is it required?

    A letter of authority confirms that the appointed broker or consultant has the employer's permission to access specific policy-related information, which is described in the letter. It confirms that they have authority to access/use this policy-related information to provide their services to the employer.

    It also provides you with de-identified data contained within a cost of claims report.

    A letter of authority can also be used when an employer already has a broker but has authorised another broker to do a specific piece of work without formally appointing them.

  • How do I renew the policy for a small employer?
    1. Check the details on the icare policy renewal letter. This letter is issued 28 days prior to renewal.
    2. Email if you need to amend any details.
    3. Complete and return the Declaration of Actual Wages form. This form is issued by icare. It includes the return email / postal address.

    icare will send the employer an invoice and a Certificate of Currency for the renewal period. icare will send the employer the Actual Wages Declaration, and, after the completed form is returned, icare will make final adjustments to the previous year’s policy.

  • Who do I phone if I have enquiries?

    If you have individual policyholder enquiries, including questions about individual policies, premiums and claims, you can contact our Customer Support Centre on: 13 44 22.

    If you have corporate account enquiries, for customers with an Average Performance Premium (APP) of $250,000 and above, including enquiries about premium and injury prevention strategies, you can contact our insurance specialist team on: 13 55 22.

    Brokers will be required to answer a set of identifying questions to discuss a policy and a letter of appointment will be required before information will be provided.

  • Who can I email for further information?

    If your query is regarding any of the following please send it directly to

    • wage declarations
    • policy cancellations
    • direct debits
    • requests for renewal docs and certificate of currencies
    • letter of appointments
    • new business proposals

    If you have a payments enquiry, please send it directly to our payments team -

    Alternatively, you can contact the team by calling 13 44 22 and select option 4.

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