HBCF Builder Self-Service Portal

Our online portal lets builders apply for insurance certificates and check their details on the HBCF database.

New to the portal? Watch our introductory video for help navigating the portal. If you need assistance with video content, email accessibility@icare.nsw.gov.au.

Explore Your HBCF Database Information

The self-service portal will allow you to:

  • Check your eligibility assessment results
  • View your certificate of eligibility
  • See the next scheduled eligibility assessment
  • Get a summary of current projects (open job limits)
  • Know your maximum job allowance capacity
  • Receive a quote on future insurance premiums
  • Access your current certificates of insurance
  • Stay updated on Building Contract Review Program (BCRP) projects
  • Apply for certificates of insurance for your jobs online and track your applications through to approval.
  • Mark an 'open job' when completed as 'closed' online so that you can free up your capacity for future jobs.

How to Access the Portal

  1. Designate a responsible person in your business as the self-service portal manager.
  2. Email your broker with the manager's name, phone number, and email address.
  3. Your broker forwards the info to HBCF, and we create a user identity with login details for the manager.

Working with your broker distributor 

Even if you have access to the portal, you should still refer to your broker for:

  • Eligibility applications and reviews
  • Applying for more complex project- specific certificates of insurance
  • General professional assistance for HBCF insurance