Who is covered under the workers compensation system

All workers in NSW are covered for work-related injuries and illnesses under state legislation, even if their employer is uninsured.

Who needs workers insurance 

It's compulsory for most employers in NSW to hold a workers insurance policy. If an employer doesn't hold a valid workers insurance policy, employees can notify a claim through the uninsured liability scheme, which is managed by icare.

 As the NTD, it is important to complete a certificate of capacity and encourage your patient to notify their employer of their injury and make a claim. For further information, contact us.

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 Following the lodgement of a claim, a case manager will review it to determine what treatment and/or services are available to the worker. Under workers compensation legislation, a 'worker' has a specific definition that is different to the way we use the term in everyday conversation.

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Work-related dust diseases

If your patient has been diagnosed with, or is suspected to suffer from, a dust disease that they believe is work related, encourage them to make an application for support through icare’s dust diseases care scheme.

Due to the nature of dust diseases, with many years generally passing between when the harmful (work related) dust exposure occurs and when the symptoms start to occur, the process for making a claim is different to other work-related injuries.

If your patient has a disability related to a dust disease contracted in a NSW workplace, encourage them or their family to contact us so that we can help assess their eligibility for care and financial support.

You can contact the Dust Diseases team at icare on 1800 550 027.

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