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The Dust Diseases Board funds research and support services for people affected by dust diseases through grants, scholarships and fellowships.

FY25 NSW Dust Diseases Board Funding Calls

Funding calls for FY25 grant streams are due to open in FY25
in order to align with the NSW Dust Diseases Board's new grant strategy.

Please keep an eye on this page for further details.

If you would like to be added to our contact list and be notified of future funding opportunities available through the NSW Dust Diseases Board, please email our grants team using the button below.

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The Dust Diseases Board has been funding grants since 1983 with the aim to reduce the risk of dust diseases and improve outcomes for people who have a dust disease, and their families.

A total of 55 grants with a funded value of over $13 million were approved by the Dust Diseases Board between 2016 and 2023. See below for current funding opportunities.

About us

Grant funding

The Dust Diseases Board aims to make a positive difference to those impacted by hazardous dust exposure and dust diseases through the delivery of the following grant funding streams. These help deliver a range of positive outcomes to affected workers across the disease lifecycle.

Previously the Dust Diseases Board has offered grants across four funding streams:

New Five Year Strategy

The Dust Diseases Board is committed to funding grants in a way that is responsive to changes in the dust diseases operating environment and the evolving needs of people impacted by hazardous dust exposure.

Funding calls

The 2025-2029 Strategy and associated grant funding opportunities will be published here in early FY25.

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