Support organisations

The Dust Diseases Board funds groups or organisations that support people with a dust disease and their families.

Through this we aim to:

  • Inform and educate people about dust diseases and the Dust Diseases Care scheme
  • Support people through the scheme's compensation process
  • Optimise the wellbeing of people with a dust disease.

Download Support organisation funding guidelines(PDF, 0.3MB)

Download Support organisation funding application form (PDF, 0.2MB)

    Support organisation grants

  • Project: Mesothelioma Helpline Operator and Support Services


    Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia

    Awarded funding

    $170,000 (2 years)

    ADFA is a community-based advocacy and support group for people affected by asbestos-related diseases. Through attending events, conferences and direct communications ADFA provides information to their target audience. They also provide community level support for recently bereaved families.

    The Mesothelioma Helpline Operator provides assistance and advice to victims of asbestos-related diseases and their families whilst also maintaining ongoing administrative functions.

  • Project: Mesothelioma Support Coordinators


    Asbestos Diseases Research Institute

    Awarded funding

    $279,234 (2 years)

    The Mesothelioma Support Coordinators are Registered Nurses that advise and support patients and their families through individual conversations, group meetings and information sessions.

    This integrated service also conducts educational and targeted group meetings with guest speakers on all aspects of mesothelioma management from diagnosis to bereavement.

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