Your responsibilities

As an employer you have a number of legislated rights and obligations to your workers.

icare’s role, together with our scheme agents and partners, is to guide and support employers and injured workers.

In New South Wales all employers are required to have a workers insurance policy and as an employer, you have a number of legislated rights and obligations within the scheme. Employers also have a role to support injured workers successfully return to sustainable work.

All NSW employers have a responsibility to:

  • Obtain a workers insurance policy
  • Deliver information to employees on injury prevention and workers insurance
  • Document a return to work program
  • Record work-related injuries or illness
  • Notify their insurer of an injury and provide required information
  • Participate in the development of a worker’s injury management plan
  • Provide suitable work
  • Assist with information to support liability determination and dispute resolution.

As a workers insurance policy holder, you have a responsibility to:

  • Ensure all information provided is true, correct and complete
  • Provide icare with an accurate, complete declaration of wages at the end of the period of insurance to allow an accurate calculation of your premium
  • Keep accurate records for at least five years of:
    (a) all wages paid to workers you employ
    (b) the trade, occupation or activity of each of your workers
    (c) all other matters relating to your wages
  • Make these records available to icare when required to help us calculate an accurate premium for you
  • Understand that your declaration of actual wages is used to adjust your premium at the end of the policy period, which may result in you needing to pay additional premium, or, receiving a refund
  • Read all the information provided to you along with your policy documents and contact icare if you have any questions.