icare publishes new performance data on Claims Service Providers

New performance data on the icare website to help eligible employers to choose their provider.

Insurance and Care NSW (icare) has today published new performance data on the six Claims Service Providers (CSPs) in workers compensation to ensure employers have relevant information available to choose a provider that best serves the needs of their injured workers.

The data covers a range of comparative metrics in the management of workers compensation claims, including injured worker and employer satisfaction, the timeliness of benefit payments and return to work outcomes for each CSP.

It also includes caseload data, which shows the average number of claims that case managers are managing, reflecting their capacity to support employers and injured workers in their recovery and return to work. Further measures will be added overtime.

icare's CEO, Richard Harding, warmly welcomed the support from icare's CSP partners to deliver more visibility of claims data in NSW.

"Sharing this data around how claims service providers are performing will drive competition to improve outcomes and provide a better claims experience.  The quarterly data from our providers will allow businesses to select the most suitable claims service provider for their workplace," said Richard.

The new workers compensation claims model commenced in January 2023 expanding the number of Claims Service Providers to six - Allianz, DXC Technology, EML, Gallagher Basset, GIO and QBE – with most of the performance data relating to claims reported after that date.

Currently, large employers can switch their CSP annually when they renew their worker's compensation policy with icare.

Starting mid-2024, medium-sized employers will also be able to use the data to choose the CSP that best fits their business needs when they renew their policy.  (Medium-sized employers have an Average Performance Premium (APP) over $200,000. The number of staff can vary according to industry-type and other factors.) Small businesses will also benefit from an overall lift in performance and transparency.

To access the data, go directly to the CSP Performance Data webpage, or you can find the data under Data Insights on the About Us section of the icare website.

View the quarterly Claims Service Provider performance data

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