1. Form: Request for exemption from return to work coordinator training

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    Return to work coordinator training exemption...

  2. Work trial information for potential host employers

    Information PDF [83 KB]

    Work Trial program information for potential host employers...

  3. Work trial program information for workers

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    Work trial information for workers...

  4. Bringing customers better outcomes through coordinated treatment and care

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    Bringing customers better outcomes through coordinated treatment and care...

  5. icare findings of regional engagement

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  6. Craig's Table opens soon

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  7. Craig's table opens with a cuppa

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    Craig's Table opens in Sydney this week at their Girraween post...

  8. Creating trust in compensation infographic

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    We break down injury claims in Parramatta to average age, time taken off work to recover and the types of injury. Find out more at UFirst's Deep Dive event in Parramatta...

  9. COVID-19 Recovery Employer Toolkit Part 2 - Supporting employees within the workplace

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    This employer toolkit addresses areas for consideration to ensure the health and safety of employees once they have returned to the workplace...

  10. SIRA's 8 requirements for your return to work program

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    The purpose of this document is to give employers a snapshot of their requirements to fulfil their return to work program...