icare's Mobile Engagement Team increases support for employers across NSW

icare's Mobile Engagement Team helps employers understand what they can do to support their workers with workplace health claims, with a particular focus on return to work.

Insurance and Care NSW (icare) recently held a free forum for local employers in Hurstville in Sydney's south-west with information on workers compensation and how to assist workers injured in the workplace to return to work as soon as possible.

Employers from a range of sectors, including retail, manufacturing, transport and construction, attended the forum and also heard about the local issues affecting their region.

A range of workplace strategies to handle claims and improve recovery were explained over the half-day workshop, held at the Southern Sydney Event Centre, with expert speakers from icare's Mobile Engagement Team (MET) sharing tips to help local businesses reduce their exposure to costly claims.

icare's Mobile Engagement Team communicates with employers, brokers and industry associations across NSW, providing information, updates and tailored education on the NSW workers compensation scheme.

The MET regularly offer various face-to-face and webinar forums and recently increased the number of mental health forums they deliver across NSW following an increase in mental health claims.

The team has also been assisting businesses in regional NSW to best support their workers in returning to work after sustaining physical and/or psychological injuries.

Adam O'Leary, the Industry Distribution Manager for icare said that small employers are feeling the heaviest impacts from lost work time injuries, that also affect their productivity and the overall business sustainability.

"It's important that we support businesses to have a better understanding of Workers Compensation."
Adam O'Leary

"The MET sessions assist employers with understanding their policy and in turn, helps them learn how to reduce premium costs while also providing essential support to their workforce, before and after workplace injury", he said.

Mr O'Leary is encouraging business owners to learn more about ways to improve return to work recovery times by reporting claims earlier, a proven strategy to lower claims costs and, more importantly, boost the recovery and wellbeing of injured staff.

Shorter recovery durations equate to lower claims costs, lower insurance premium prices, improved quality of life for workers injured in the workplace as well as improved business productivity.

"The good news is that our Mobile Engagement team is also helping businesses to look at psychosocial risk (which can be complex) through a risk management lens to protect their people."

"icare have a range of supporting content and tools that we can connect employers with—both in person and on our online portal," he said.

David Huxley, a Relationship Manager with icare said specialist support from icare is helping different industries to identify specific risks their workers face.

He says manufacturing, transport and storage are sectors across NSW with a high frequency of claims, and he encourages employers to educate themselves about ways to lower risks.

"Developing a safety culture, talking to your injured workers about accessing treatment as soon as an injury happens, and having a return to work plan are critical."

"Our message is that early intervention is the key and that employers have a critical role to play."
David Huxley

Feedback from the Hurstville employer forum

"Very informative…general information across the entire process"

"The event gave me a lot of useful information, which can be helpful for workers"

"Learned a lot that will help my business, especially with premium understanding and the return to work and recovery at work programs".

Employer resources

icare's Mobile Engagement Team run regular events in regions and suburban areas across NSW, as well as a range of webinars. Employers can register for these events online as well as access a range of free information and tools by selecting one of the links below.

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