Maximising return-to-work outcomes

Mobile Engagement Team employer event: recorded 15 October 2020.

During this event recording, you’ll hear about the benefits of early intervention and effective return-to-work stakeholder communication.

Overview of webinar

This webinar provides NSW Employers with specific information and step-by-step strategies on how to maximise your return-to-work outcomes.

We also look at the benefits of creating a healthy workplace culture and the importance of social connections. 

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of return-to-work management and key considerations
  • Proactive strategies to maximise return-to-work outcomes
  • Explain the benefits of creating a healthy workplace culture through the promotion of social connections (supported by research).

Recommended audience

  • NSW small business owners and managers
  • Targeted at employers with basic/intermediate return-to-work (RTW) knowledge.


  • David Huxley, Relationship Manager
  • Adam O’Leary, Industry Distribution Manager.

Event recording: Maximising return-to-work outcomes

To learn how to manage and support your injured workers in returning back to work, watch this webinar, presented by the Mobile Engagement Team.
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