Disputes about your treatment and care needs

As a CTP Care client, you have the right to disagree with any decision that we make about your treatment and care.

How to dispute a decision about treatment and care

  1. Talk with your CTP Care contact

    If you disagree with a decision we’ve made about your treatment and care, talk with your CTP Care contact, they may be able to address your concerns immediately/or help you with our internal review process. 

    Phone: 1300 738 586
    Email: ctpcare@icare.nsw.gov.au
    CTP Care
    GPO Box 4052
    Sydney NSW 2001

  2. Talk to our Assessment Review team

    You can also contact our Assessment Review team to discuss your concerns, or you can email them a completed Application for internal review form available below.

    Phone: 1300 738 586
    Email: feedback.ctpcare@icare.nsw.gov.au
    CTP Care
    GPO Box 4052
    Sydney NSW 2001

What we need from you

We need your request for an internal review within 28 days of receiving our Notice of Decision letter. 

To help us undertake a fair and transparent review, you should provide us with as much relevant information as possible.

You should tell us:

  • details of the decision you would like reviewed
  • the alternative decision you seek
  • the parts of the decision you would like reviewed
  • the reasons why you believe the decision should change
  • any additional information that you consider relevant to the internal review of the decision.

 You can download our Application for internal review form available below. 

We will

  • Acknowledge receipt of your application within two business days, confirm if we can conduct the internal review and advise you about key dates.
  • Conduct a review in a way which best supports the individual circumstances of your treatment and care request.
  • In most cases, inform you of the outcome of the review within 14 days.
  • Provide an Internal Review Certificate which will include brief reasons for the decision, together with other relevant information.

More help

For more details about our process for managing treatment and care disputes, download our Internal review process information sheet available below. 

Personal Injury Commission

If you’re not satisfied with or disagree with the outcome of our internal review, you or someone acting on your behalf may wish to lodge a dispute application with the Personal Injury Commission (PIC).

You have 28 days after receiving our internal review decision to lodge a dispute with PIC.