Construction Risks Insurance Fund FAQs

Need to know more about the Construction Risks Insurance Fund? Here we address some of our most frequently asked questions.

    Payment and invoicing

  • Can I pay my invoice with a credit card?
    Currently, agencies are unable to pay their invoices with a credit card. Agencies are required to set up a direct transfer account with CRIF to pay their invoices.
  • When I process the payment, I receive an error stating that icare's ABN number is too long, how do I enter it?
    When paying the invoice, enter the ABN number as 97 369 689 650. When you pay your CRIF invoice, you will see that the ABN is displayed as: 97 369 689 650 016. Insurance for New South Wales operates under the ATO branching. The 016 refers to the CRIF Branch. The 016 allows us to separate ourselves from the different funds under Insurance for New South Wales such as the Treasury Managed Fund (TMF) and Home Building Construction Fund.
  • What are the new CRIF bank account details?
    New policies taken out with the CRIF will need to be paid to the new CRIF bank account details. All policies taken out after the 3 September will need to be paid into the account listed below:
    Account Name: CRIF
    BSB: 032-001
    Account Number: 179475
  • I have two bank accounts for CRIF, which one do I use to pay my invoice?
    When paying invoices, ensure that you check bank account details listed on the invoice, and use that account to pay the invoice.

    As we migrated existing and open policies to the new CRIF portal from CEECAT, open policies that were created in the CEECAT platform prior to 3 September will have the previous bank account listed. As such, they would need to be paid against the old bank account.


Contact us

For any additional questions, contact the CRIF team directly:

Lisa Jarman


Phone: 02 7922 5085

David Holt


Phone: 02 7922 5085

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