icare Indexation Payments

icare is working with Service NSW to process indexation payments securely and efficiently for injured workers who may be affected by underpayment.

Registrations for the indexation payments program have closed

If you need a reassessment or have a question about the weekly benefits reassessment process, you can read our fact sheet.

About the indexation payments program

To address possible underpayments on icare claims from October 2012 to October 2019, icare engaged with Service NSW to implement the indexation payments program inviting eligible customers to register for a payment.

icare calculates compensation payments based on an average of gross (pre-tax) weekly earnings over the 52 weeks before an injury. This is known as the pre-injury average weekly earnings (PIAWE).

Your PIAWE payment may not have been adjusted to account for inflation. This adjustment is known as indexation. 

Registrations with Service NSW closed on 1 December 2023.

What you can do now

If you have already registered with Service NSW to claim the payment, you can:

  • find out about your application by following the instructions you received from Service NSW, or
  • if you haven't registered yet with Service NSW to claim the payment, email indexationcustomersupport@icare.nsw.gov.au to find out on how to proceed.

Requesting a reassessment

You have the right to ask for an individual PIAWE reassessment even if you accepted an offer under the icare indexation payments program.

Read our fact sheet to find out more about the PIAWE reassessment process.

You can request a PIAWE reassessment by completing the registration form.

Your privacy and security concerns

Data shared between icare and Service NSW

The Privacy Commissioner has issued a Public Interest Direction to permit the use of personal information held by Service NSW (MyService NSW account details) in data matching with personal information provided by icare to obtain email addresses for eligible workers.

The Direction has been made to assist with:

  • contacting eligible workers by email and notifying them of the indexation payment program
  • making payments to eligible workers.

You can read the full Service NSW and icare Public Interest Direction on the Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) website.

How to check whether an email is a scam

To help protect your identity and stay safe online, check the communications you receive from Service NSW match the description below:

  • Service NSW will send an email to you at the address you have registered with your insurer, or the email address you have associated with your MyServiceNSW Account.
  • The icare indexation payment offer relates to a workplace injury that you notified your insurer of on or after 1 October 2012 for an injury suffered before 21 October 2019.
  • The link in the email from Service NSW on behalf of icare goes to a Service NSW webpage where you can register. The webpage starts with www.service.nsw.gov.au.
  • Emails from Service NSW will only ask you to reply with your personal information if we require additional information after you submit your application.

Visit the Service NSW cyber security, identity theft and scams page for more tips on how to stay safe online.

Read our privacy statement for details on how your private information will be handled.

Read the privacy collection notice for the program.

Access to independent advice

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Independent Review Office (IRO). IRO receives and accepts enquiries or complaints about the conduct of an insurer and is ready to take your call about this process. 

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