Indexation Remediation FAQs

    Frequently asked questions

  • What are pre-injury average weekly earnings (PIAWE)?

    Pre-Injury Average Weekly Earnings (PIAWE) are the weekly average of a worker’s gross earnings over the 52 weeks prior to their date of injury. The determination of PIAWE is used to calculate the amount of weekly payments made to a person for a work-related injury while they are unable to work, as part of their workers compensation claim in NSW.

  • What is indexation?

    By law, every injured worker receiving injury benefits is entitled to an indexed adjustment to their weekly PIAWE payment each April and October. The indexation amount is regulated by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) and calculated using the Australian Bureau of Statistic’s Wage Price Index (published quarterly).

  • What are the issues?

    In 2019, icare identified issues in the determination of PIAWE payments for some of the injured workers we support through our workers compensation scheme in NSW. This led to further reviews of claims management systems that have identified errors with the calculation of indexation.

    An ongoing remediation program was initiated by icare to review a cohort of claims from 2012 to 2019, to ensure that any underpayment of these historic claims were addressed. This program has recently expanded to review a further group of newer claims from 2019 onwards.

    Specialised teams from EML, GIO, QBE and Allianz have been helping icare to review how indexation was applied by different claims management systems. Additional quality assurance is undertaken by specialists from icare.

  • Why are there indexation issues with payments after 2019?

    Recently, new processes to automatically index claims and eliminate errors from manual entry of information have been introduced across all claims management systems. Recent data from our claims service providers show that the vast majority of claims after 2019 are now being processed correctly.

    However, a significant cohort of workers after 2019 may not have been paid their correct weekly payments prior to issues around indexation being rectified.

    By law, icare’s claims service providers must assess and commence provisional weekly payments within seven days of being notified of a claim. These short timeframes mean weekly PIAWE payments may be calculated with incomplete or missing information, including updated indexation.

  • What is being done to improve the payments process for workers?

    icare continues to enhance the claims system it uses for better accuracy and find efficiencies in the application of legislative and regulatory requirements. Work is currently underway to remove additional administrative burdens from the frontline on this issue so focus can remain on helping vulnerable workers recover and return to work.

    Additionally, an auto-indexation safeguard is now being introduced across our systems to capture these more complex situations that have impacted eligible claims.

    Any outstanding claims requiring additional payments will be addressed through icare’s existing remediation program that identifies and corrects underpayments.

    icare apologises to any injured worker affected by indexation issues. Work is underway to contact these workers and fix any underpayments.

  • How will the remediation process work?

    Those workers who may not have been paid their correct weekly payments will be contacted to advise them of any adjusted entitlements by icare, or the relevant Claim Service Provider (CSP). Method of payment will be discussed with the injured worker by icare or their relevant Claim Service Provider.

    Claim Service Providers

  • What improvements are being delivered in future?

    To ensure more accurate and reliable payment processes, icare has, in partnership with our Claims Service Providers, implemented additional controls in the claims processes and systems and now undertakes additional post-indexation health checks with all Claim Service Providers (CSPs).

  • Are both open and closed claims being reassessed?

    Yes, we are reassessing both open and closed claims where injuries were notified on or after 1 February 2019.

  • Which Claims Service Providers (CSPs) are involved in the review of post 2019 claims and who is doing the assessment?
    Specialised teams from icare, EML, GIO, QBE, Allianz, GBS and DXC are responsible for the assessments and providing any potential adjustment payments. Additional quality assurance is undertaken by specialists from icare. 
  • How are injured workers being contacted?

    Direct contact via phone/email will be made to those workers who may not have been paid their correct weekly payments to advise them of any adjusted entitlements by icare, or the relevant Claim Service Provider (CSP).

  • What should injured workers do who would like a review of their weekly payments?

    For injuries notified on or after 21 October 2019, we encourage injured workers to speak with their claims manager and ask them to reassess weekly benefit payments. Workers who require support can contact icare on 13 77 22.

    Injured workers can also learn more about reapplying for a reassessment by visiting the PIAWE Reassessment Frequently Asked Questions

    Workers who disagree with a reassessment also have a right to seek a formal review. More information is on the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) website.

  • Does this matter raise issues for you?

    We acknowledge the information on this page may cause you concern.

    If you are feeling anxious or stressed, we encourage you to contact our free mental health support service, Acacia Psychology on 1300 078 489 or