How to invoice Lifetime Care and Workers Care

We make direct payments to service providers for approved treatment, rehabilitation and care services.

Key contacts

Submit tax invoices to:

All other invoice enquiries:

Lifetime Care | Workers Care 
GPO Box 4052
Sydney NSW 2001

Accounts payable phone: 1300 416 829

Fax: 1300 738 583

Are you a new vendor?

Complete a Vendor file addition/change request form (Word, 0.1 MB) and email it to

We won't be able to process your tax invoice or make a payment to you until you're registered in our system as a vendor.

Tax invoice requirements

You should only submit your tax invoice after services have been provided. Your tax invoice must meet the Australian Tax Office, State Insurance Regulatory Authority (for Workers Care only) and icare's invoicing requirements.

We have listed these requirements in our information sheet Invoicing requirements - Lifetime Care and Workers Care (PDF, 0.13MB).

If your tax invoice contains all the required information, we will pay you within 30 days. If any information is missing, we'll send it back to you.

We'll pay you by electronic funds transfer.