How to invoice Dust Diseases Care

We make direct payments to service providers for approved treatment, rehabilitation and care services for dust diseases.

Key contacts


icare Dust Diseases Care
GPO Box 5323
Sydney NSW 2001

Phone: +612 8223 6600

Fax: +612 9279 6600 

Are you a new vendor?

Please complete a Vendor file addition/change request form (PDF, 0.1 MB) and email it to<

We won't be able to process your invoice or make a payment to you until you're registered in our system as a vendor.

How to submit your invoice

Please send your invoice by email as a PDF attachment to Your invoice should only be submitted after services have been provided.

Each invoice must include:

  • your ABN and registered business name
  • the date of the invoice and the date of the service
  • an invoice number
  • the Dust Diseases Care file number and purchase order
  • the cost (including GST), which must not exceed the pre-approved amount on the certificate (or purchase order).


Invoicing us correctly means you'll receive your payments sooner. 

If your invoice contains all the required information it will be paid within 30 days. If any information is missing, we'll send it back to you. 

We'll pay you by electronic transfer.