How to request services on behalf of an injured person

Download request forms and find out how to make a request for services on behalf of a severely injured person.

We pay for treatment, rehabilitation and care for people who have been severely injured either in a motor accident or a workplace in NSW; and have been accepted as a participant in the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme or a worker in the icare Workers Care Program.

The treatment, rehabilitation and care needs of severely injured people are complex, often needing treatment from multiple service providers.

Most participants and workers have a case manager who is responsible for coordinating their treatment, rehabilitation and care services.

Getting services approved

All requests for services and equipment for a severely injured person need to be submitted to us on the correct form.

Requests should include the payment codes for the treatment, rehabilitation or care service being requested.

Services we pay for need to be pre-approved. They are usually organised and requested as part of a plan by a case manager, who is the primary point of contact for other service providers.

If you're an individual service provider, such as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist, you should contact the case manager to inform them of the injured person’s needs, and the types and amounts of services they require to meet their ongoing goals.

These services can be requested as part of their plan.

If the injured person doesn't have a case manager, you can contact an icare lifetime care or workers care coordinator to request these services.

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