Cover for volunteers under workers compensation

If you’re a volunteer with a state government agency that we cover, you may be entitled to workers compensation.

This cover is provided by icare workers insurance on behalf of icare self insurance, funded by the Treasury Managed Fund.

You will receive similar benefits and levels of cover as if you were injured in your paid employment.

Who is covered?

Volunteers for the following agencies are covered:

When you’re covered

To be covered, your injury or illness must have occurred while undertaking an authorised activity as a volunteer.

You must have not been receiving remuneration or reward, and should have been performing the activity voluntarily and without obligation.


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Your entitlements

Depending on your circumstances and the nature of your injury, you may be able to claim compensation.


Types of payments

How to claim

To make a claim, you will need to notify the agency that you were volunteering for and they will need to sign off on your claim.

It is the agency’s responsibility to lodge the claim on your behalf.

For further information, get in touch with icare.


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