Update on icare’s payment remediation activities

icare has made significant progress remediating approximately 17,500 injured worker claims impacted between October 2012 and October 2019 through our Indexation Remediation program.

Through this program, we have reviewed potentially impacted claims and identified any underpayment issues to be remediated. Remediation has occurred through a proactive payments program in conjunction with Service NSW in addition to claims reviews undertaken by our Claims Service Providers.

Payments are underway to the respective injured workers. As part of our continuing quality assurance activity, we have identified around 13,000 claims lodged after October 2019 that may require payment adjustments.

Reviews and payments will be undertaken through an extension of the existing Indexation Remediation program.

To ensure more accurate and reliable payment processes, icare has, in partnership with our claims service providers, implemented additional controls in the claims processes and systems and now undertakes additional post-indexation health checks with all Claims Service Providers (CSPs).

icare is committed to continuous improvement and transparency in all operations, proving a smoother and reliable experience for all stakeholders.

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