icare updates COVID-19 information on adverse reactions to vaccinations

Insurance and Care NSW (icare) has updated its workers compensation information in relation to workers who may suffer an adverse reaction to a COVID-19 vaccination.

As the number of COVID cases in NSW continues to rise, employers and their workers have been seeking further information from icare on whether workers can lodge a compensation claim if they have an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

While COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, a small percentage of people may experience more significant side effects. In certain circumstances an adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine may be covered under workers compensation, with each claim assessed on its own merits.

To help employers and workers better understand this issue, icare has updated its COVID FAQs on vaccine-related claims.

To be covered under workers compensation, it will need to be satisfied that:

  • the vaccine injury arose out of, or in the course of, the worker's employment; and
  • the worker's employment was a substantial contributing factor to the vaccine injury or was the main contributing factor to a disease injury; or
  • in the case of a heart attack or stroke injury, the nature of the employment was a relevant factor in increasing the risk of the injury.

To ensure everyone is informed with the latest accurate information, icare's COVID information is regularly updated on this website.

Any COVID-related claims, including any associated with vaccinations, should be lodged through the usual workers compensation claims process.

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