Improve the health of your small business

October is Small Business Month in NSW. As an official collaborative partner, icare is hosting face-to-face and virtual events to support workplace health and safety for small businesses across NSW.

During October icare is focused on helping small businesses strengthen their business in the key area of workplace health. Creating a healthy business covers many aspects of health – including but not limited to psychological health, physical health, and financial health.

Below is a selection of our most popular resources and events for small businesses. Take advantage of everything that’s on offer this October!

Safe and Healthy Workplace Programs

Use our program finder tool to find recommended programs to keep your workplace safer and healthier

While it’s a legal requirement to look after the people in your workplace, creating a safe and healthy workplace also makes good business sense. There are safe and healthy workplace programs and strategies that when followed, help keep small businesses safe both physically and mentally.

We have developed our Safe & Healthy Workplace Program Finder so that you can easily access these programs that will have the most impact in your workplace.

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Savings and Incentives to Support Small Business

This 30-minute webinar will outline all the discounts, benefits and incentives available to small businesses across NSW and how employers can access them.

Adam O’Leary, Manager of the Mobile Engagement Team at icare says “Knowing how to utilise the small business incentives will certainly go a long way in supporting early treatment, quicker recovery, greater productivity and a safer, healthier and more sustainable business.”

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Mental health

Mental health events and resources support

With psychological injury being the fastest-growing injury type in NSW, icare wants to promote greater awareness on how to identify early indications of mental health challenges and assist with prevention and recovery support.

We are hosting face-to-face mental health forums for employers and we also have a suite of resources on a variety of mental health topics including how to understand psychosocial risk and how to reduce psychological risk for workers after they have a physical injury.



For more detailed resources and information to help you understand and manage your workers compensation—including guidance on your policy and claims, managing return-to-work and more.

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