Brooke Kooymans

Rehability Australia


Morningside, Brisbane QLD

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About Brooke

"Brooke Kooymans has 20 years clinical experience specialising in working with children and adults with acquired brain injury and disability. Brooke has worked extensively with clients, carers and families throughout all stages of rehabilitation, including the hospital Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit and the community based Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service (ABIOS). She has developed very strong networks in this sector. Since 2004, Brooke has been practicing as a private case manager and social worker at Rehability Australia. Through her practical experience and study, Brooke has developed extensive skills in case management and an in-depth knowledge of catastrophic injury and the resulting impact on individuals, families and communities.

Rehability Australia offers specialised services in case management and social work for people who have an acquired brain injury and other neurological conditions including spinal cord injury. Our aim is to provide a coordinated, integrated service with a team approach that focuses on achievement of client centred, functional goals that ultimately optimise the quality of life, function and community integration for the person with an acquired brain injury. Rehability Australia specialises in designing individual programs to meet the specific needs of each person, which are outcome focused and goal directed. These services are offered in the community environment or home, rather than the clinical setting.
Areas of Specialty:

  • Adults with acquired brain injury
  • Adults with spinal cord injury
  • Children with acquired brain injury"