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We are a social venture. We’re working to make sure the people of NSW stay safe and healthy at work and on the roads, and have the support they need to recover from injury.

 If you're interested in partnering with the icare foundation to receive funding, download our application form.

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Latest project we've enabled

Agency for Clinical Innovation: Vocational Intervention Program 

Phase 1: $576,000 investment (complete)

Phase 2: $1.75m investment 

After successfully delivering the initial pilot, the Agency for Clinical Innovation has now been approved for $1.75m of funding to continue the program into its next phase. 

We are helping people with a brain injury return to the workforce through our partnership with the Agency for Clinical Innovation and its Vocational Intervention Program. 

We all know the benefits of employment: income, social connection, intellectual engagement, personal achievement, and mental and physical wellbeing.

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About us

We’re committed to making a difference in our community. To do this, we are disrupting the way foundations do things and setting a new benchmark for innovative funding and partnerships.

Between 2016 and 2018 we provided over $14.3 million in funds to support 38 vital programs and research projects in the injury prevention, health promotion and recovery space.

icare foundation

Video Transcript

0:04 With a purpose to protect, insure,

0:06 and care for the people, businesses, and assets

0:09 that make New South Wales great,

0:11 icare is passionate about a whole-of-person approach

0:15 to injury prevention, post-injury care,

0:17 and mental wellbeing.

0:20 And with our unique perspective,

0:21 we know we can contribute even more to the community,

0:25 providing extra support to injured people and employers,

0:29 when they or someone they care about are at their most vulnerable.

0:33 That's why we've launched the icare Foundation,

0:36 a social venture which will partner and connect

0:39 a diverse range of support organisations,

0:42 together with the people who need them;

0:44 injured workers and road users,

0:46 their families, carriers and employers,

0:49 today and in the future.

0:51 We know we can't do this alone.

0:54 Collaborating with the expert organisations

0:57 that are already helping people,

0:59 the icare Foundation will identify and invest

1:02 in innovative programs,

1:03 research and partnerships,

1:06 that will make a real difference to the mental and

1:08 physical wellbeing of workers and businesses.

1:13 Together we will be there for you,

1:15 your family, businesses,

1:18 and our wider community,

1:21 creating a stronger, more supportive

1:23 New South Wales for everyone.

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