icare foundation

Investing in a new state of wellbeing.

What if... we could create a breakthrough in research to accelerate recovery from serious injuries?

We are a social venture, positioned to disrupt the role of a foundation and redefine how we think about insurance and care.

With an ability to seed fund and partner for ‘best-in-class’ collaboration, the icare foundation brings a progressive, innovative solution focused approach to safeguarding the wellbeing of the people of New South Wales.

We’re not your traditional foundation and we’re changing the game for good.

What if... we could care for the carers?

We believe that only by seeing care as a community phenomenon can we deliver the best possible care for the individuals within it.

We see carers, families and other organisations – businesses, governments, research institutions – as integral to ensuring that every person in NSW feels not just physically but also mentally well.

We invest in promising programs and explore ground breaking methodologies that connect the entire chain of care in the belief that we can create a care system that works better for everyone.

icare foundation

Making connections that make a difference

Video Transcript

0:04 With a purpose to protect, insure,

0:06 and care for the people, businesses, and assets

0:09 that make New South Wales great,

0:11 icare is passionate about a whole-of-person approach

0:15 to injury prevention, post-injury care,

0:17 and mental wellbeing.

0:20 And with our unique perspective,

0:21 we know we can contribute even more to the community,

0:25 providing extra support to injured people and employers,

0:29 when they or someone they care about are at their most vulnerable.

0:33 That's why we've launched the icare Foundation,

0:36 a social venture which will partner and connect

0:39 a diverse range of support organisations,

0:42 together with the people who need them;

0:44 injured workers and road users,

0:46 their families, carriers and employers,

0:49 today and in the future.

0:51 We know we can't do this alone.

0:54 Collaborating with the expert organisations

0:57 that are already helping people,

0:59 the icare Foundation will identify and invest

1:02 in innovative programs,

1:03 research and partnerships,

1:06 that will make a real difference to the mental and

1:08 physical wellbeing of workers and businesses.

1:13 Together we will be there for you,

1:15 your family, businesses,

1:18 and our wider community,

1:21 creating a stronger, more supportive

1:23 New South Wales for everyone.

Our current investments


In New South Wales, 50% of people affected by spinal injuries live outside of metropolitan areas. That’s why the icare foundation has invested $138,000 to bring the NeuroMoves treatment program to more regional areas than ever before. 

Our partnership with SCIA

Video Transcript

0:02 My name is Annie Tolo,

0:05 and I'm here to talk about Neuro Moves.

0:07 The Neuro Moves program is a suite of exercise services

0:11 which we started in Australia about nine years ago.

0:15 It's based on the fact that

0:17 people with a spinal cord injury, when they're paralyzed,

0:20 have difficulty doing exercise like the rest of the community.

0:23 So we have specialized staff, specialized equipment,

0:25 so people can participate and exercise

0:28 the same way that the rest of the community does.

0:30 We've had a goal with our Neuro Moves program

0:32 to get it to everyone that can benefit from it.

0:35 So far we've only scratched the surface in term of the population

0:38 that we've been able to access,

0:40 but with the partnership that we're having with the icare foundation,

0:43 we'll be able to get these services to many more people

0:46 much more quickly than we otherwise could have.

0:48 I'm really excited because it's actually opening up doors.

0:52 For example, making people who are injured

0:55 to back to Olympics,

0:56 or work, or studies,

1:00 like how I go back to university

1:02 and graduate next year.


GP social prescribing 

Sometimes, injured workers suffer psycho-social issues impacting their quality of life and would benefit from increased social participation. To help, the icare foundation is funding a six-month “GP social prescription” pilot, supporting people with workplace injuries, giving them access to non-medical sources of support including art, music and yoga.

The foundation is providing $596,500 in funding to determine if the model works alongside a GP’s conventional model of care.


We partnered with Everymind and funded $1,095,000 million to help develop mental wellbeing solutions for small business,  promoting healthier owners, workers and families.

Craig's table

The icare foundation also invested $500,000 in Craig’s Table NSW. This social enterprise supports injured workers’ recovery and return to work.

Contact us

The foundation accepts funding proposals on a request-only basis. For more information, get in touch with us.

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