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icare Foundation is a social venture. We're committed to redefining how we think about insurance and care and to making a difference in our community.

We established icare Foundation in 2016 to invest in partners who can improve wellbeing outcomes for injured workers, road users, their families and carers. We fund organisations that are taking a fresh approach to injury and loss prevention, health and wellbeing, and recovery.

icare Foundation Year in Review

icare Foundation’s first Year in Review showcases our progress and some of our partnerships and programs that have made a real difference to the lives of the people we service and support.

Download icare Foundation Year in Review 2018-19 (PDF, 8.3 MB)


For any questions about funding, please email icare Foundation.

Latest project we've enabled

Remarkable accelerator

$1.5 million investment

New technologies have great potential to improve the lives of people with disability. But right now people with disability are less likely to benefit from digital technology than the general population.

That’s why we’ve invested in Remarkable: an organisation supports start-ups in inclusive and assistive technologies with a focus on achieving functional and economic benefits for people with disability.

Remarkable provides training, mentoring and seed funding to help start-ups bring fully-fledged products to market, all the while keeping the focus on social impact.

Man in wheelchair - Remarkable Accelerator

icare Foundation overview

icare Foundation invests in innovations that improve outcomes for people injured at work and on the roads in NSW. It’s a core part of the role of icare as a social insurer.
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