1. icare financials 2017-18

    Reports PDF [13.9 MB]

    icare financial statements for 2018...

  2. icare annual report 2016-17

    Reports PDF [7.8 MB]

    Welcome to the 2016-17 icare annual report - our second annual report and a summary of our journey over the last 12 months...

  3. 2012-13

    Information PDF [2 MB]

    Dust diseases annual report...

  4. Guidelines for return to work programs

    Tools PDF [1.5 MB]

  5. Workers Compensation Act 1987 No 70

    Policies PDF [4.8 MB]

  6. Guidance on the support needs of adults with spinal cord injury

    Guidelines PDF [1.8 MB]

  7. Understanding your workers insurance cover


    What your workers insurance covers you for and what you need to do as an employer...

  8. Forms and resources for practitioners and providers


    Browse our forms and resources to download PDF documents specific to you...