Customer Advocate

We have a Customer Advocate who represents and promotes the interests of icare customers.

Darrin Wright was appointed as your Customer Advocate in October 2019. His role is to hear your views as icare customers and provide recommendations to help us improve your experience with us and our service providers.

The Customer Advocate is an important part of our commitment to you, our customers.

Customer Advocate Darrin Wright smiles in front of a building.

Darrin Wright

Customer Advocate

Darrin has more than 30 years' business experience spanning food and chemical manufacturing, mining, automotive assembly and in the services that social-financial insurers provide to communities.

Darrin is passionate about helping businesses deliver to customers, what customers really need when they need it.

Advocating for your interests

The Customer Advocate is your voice into icare, championing your interests without any business agenda. To maintain independence and accountability, the Customer Advocate reports directly to our CEO and provides regular recommendations to the icare Board.

The main way the Customer Advocate helps to improve your experiences is by engaging with customers as part of a formal review process. Focusing on one of our insurance and care schemes at a time, the Customer Advocate talks to customers who receive these services, listens to their feedback and makes recommendations to icare.

The Customer Advocate's activities include:

  • engaging directly with you to understand any issues that you face when dealing with us
  • representing your perspectives to help us ensure our systems and practices are focused on your needs
  • regularly reviewing complaints and customer feedback to identify trends and systemic issues 
  • making actionable recommendations based on your feedback so we can improve our products and services.

icare will publish all Customer Advocate reports and recommendations, as well as our responses to them. We will also provide regular updates on our progress to meet these commitments and improve your experience when dealing with icare.

Getting in touch

To provide feedback, lodge a complaint, or make a general enquiry, contact the icare team or call us on 13 99 22.

It is the responsibility of icare staff to receive and resolve your complaint. The Customer Advocate regularly reviews complaints and may contact you to ask about your experience in using our complaints resolution system. You can also email the Customer Advocate.

Reviews and publications

The Customer Advocate will over time formally review the experiences of our customers for all of our services.

You can read completed reviews and our responses below as well as see what reviews will be occurring and when.

Nominal Insurer review 2020

The first review undertaken by the Customer Advocate was to engage with customers and stakeholders making submissions to the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) Review of the Nominal Insurer (i.e. Workers Insurance).

Through this process, customer concerns were identified and several recommendations made, to help us better service our customers. We highly value this report and have outlined our response and actions for each recommendation.

The first Customer Advocate report, along with icare's response, was published in March 2020.

The Customer Advocate will in December 2020 review progress to the recommendations made in the December 2019 report.

Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) review 2020

The icare Customer Advocate has completed a review of HBCF customer experience. The review focused on the experience of builders taking out a policy and the experience of homeowners when making a claim.

Download the HBCF review report (PDF, 0.8 MB)

icare welcomes the Customer Advocate's report and will use this feedback to enhance existing processes and improve services for our HBCF customers.

Read icare's response to the report (PDF, 0.1 MB)

Customers experiencing vulnerability review 2020-2021

The Customer Advocate will engage with customers who experience vulnerability, as well as stakeholders, across the Workers Insurance scheme, commencing in November 2020. 

In this review, the Customer Advocate will reach out to customers who have engaged with icare services to learn more about periods of time where they believe they were vulnerable after lodging a claim. Feedback from these customers will help icare to understand how we can evolve our service delivery models to provide better support to customers.

This review commenced in November 2020 with a final report to be provided to icare by April 2021.

Treasury Managed Fund (TMF) review 2021

icare's Customer Advocate will undertake a review of the Treasury Managed Fund (TMF) personal injury business, which provides NSW government agencies with support for employees that suffer work-related injury and illness.

The Customer Advocate will be working with NSW Government agencies and their employees that have had a claims experience with icare. Your feedback will be used to enhance our processes and improve your claims experience.

The customer experience review of the scheme is expected to begin in mid 2021 with a final report to be published by the end of September 2021.


The Customer Advocate undertakes reviews of icare complaints to identify trends that require investigation for opportunities to improve the experience that you, our customers have when dealing with us. These reports will be published here.