Workers insurance claims portal FAQs

Here you'll find a selection of questions and answers that can help you along the way.

    Claims Portal and Claims Lodgement

  • What is icare’s workers insurance claims portal?
    icare’s secure claims portal gives employers and injured workers greater control over the management of their workers compensation claims. The portal is easy to use, allowing you to lodge and manage claims and follow the progress of each claim in one central location.
  • When can I use the new portal?
    The new claims portal was launched in February 2019.
  • Why is icare launching a claims portal?
    icare is constantly looking at improving return to work outcomes for injured workers in NSW. The claims portal has new functionality and other benefits and will greatly improve the claims management experience for employers and injured workers.
  • What can I use the claims portal for?

    The claims portal provides greater control over claims management, including secure registration and the ability to:

    • Lodge and view each claim
    • Immediately generate claim numbers
    • View and manage wage and medical payments
    • View injury management plans and upload return to work plans
    • Administer your teams and control their access to the portal
    • View help articles and other resources
  • Do I use the EML or icare portal for claim lodgements?

    The EML claims portal '' will be redirected to the icare claims portal. New claim lodgements can be made via the icare claims portal. There are two entry points to the new claims portal:

    • Open access to lodge a new claim: You can still make claim lodgements or notify us of an injury via our open access claims portal
    • Secure access to the new claims portal: To lodge or manage a new claim go to our new claims portal
  • Is the current process for lodging a new claim the same?
    The current open access claims lodgement will still be available for you to lodge claims from.
  • Why can’t I see all my claims?
    Initially the claims portal will show data related to new claims. Claims data will be progressively transferred to the new portal in stages to ensure a smooth transition and also to gather customer feedback along the way.

    Claims Portal Registration

  • How do I register for the icare claims portal?


    We will send you a secure link to register for the claims portal and create an online account. You will then be able to access the portal.

    Brokers and other employer representatives

    You will need to obtain approval to register for the claims portal from the relevant employer. Your customer’s administrator will need to add you as a user in their portal.

  • How do employers provide brokers with access to the claims portal?
    The employer’s claims administrator will add you as a user in their claims portal which allow you to log in, view claims information and track the status of a claim.
  • Is separate approval required from an employer for each claim?
    Once you have been authorised to use the claims portal by an employer, you can see all claims assigned under the relevant policy.


  • Who can I talk to if I have a complaint about the service I receive?
    You can contact us on 13 99 22. You’ll be put in contact with the appropriate person to address your complaint.
  • Are there any changes to complaints and dispute handling?
    Management of disputes and complaints changed with the Workers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, assented on 26 October 2018. The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is coordinating the implementation of the bill including (among other things) changes to the way disputes and complaints are managed. icare will continue to provide a complaints team and a disputes team who manage complaints from all customers and review decisions made by Scheme Agents. More information will be provided as it becomes available.