Equipment repairs and maintenance

Information for service providers working with Lifetime Care and Workers Care on requesting repairs or maintenance of equipment, otherwise known as assistive technology (AT).

The Equipment Panel repairs and maintains disability and healthcare equipment purchased by icare for people in Lifetime Care and the Workers Care Program.

Aidacare, ALTER and Independent Living Specialists (ILS) are the panel providers available to complete equipment repairs and maintenance.

For information on what types of equipment the Equipment Panel will service and the service delivery principles, visit the Equipment Panel page.

Requesting approval for equipment repairs or maintenance

You can request repairs or maintenance using 2 different ways:

If you are requesting repairs and maintenance through a panel provider, you will not need to supply a quote. However, if the equipment can't be serviced by the panel, you will need to provide a quote from the non-panel provider with the request or My Plan.

Ordering approved repairs or maintenance

Once maintenance or a repair is approved by icare, you can request a service:

  • using the Equipment Panel provider's portal
  • by calling or emailing the approved provider.

Contact details and links to the panel provider portals are located on the Equipment Panel page.

Please phone or email the person’s icare contact if you're unsure if maintenance has been pre-approved.

Equipment log

The Equipment Log can be completed by the person or their service provider and submitted with a request for equipment maintenance.

This log captures information about:

  • equipment currently being used by the participant or worker
  • equipment that requires ongoing maintenance
  • equipment that is no longer needed and is to be removed.

The log advises icare what equipment requires a maintenance schedule to be developed and plans for removing or relocating unused equipment.