Equipment requests

Information for service providers working with Lifetime Care and Workers Care on requesting equipment, otherwise known as assistive technology (AT).

The Equipment Panel supplies the majority of disability and healthcare equipment for hire and purchase by icare for people in Lifetime Care and the Workers Care Program.

Aidacare, ALTER, Alpha Lifecare and Independent Living Specialists (ILS) are the panel providers available to complete equipment requests.

For information on what types of equipment the Equipment Panel will service and the service delivery principles, visit the Equipment Panel page.

Prescriber guidelines

Refer to the guidelines for prescribers to determine if you meet the required qualifications and experience for the type (Group) of equipment you're looking to prescribe:

How to request equipment

There are 4 different ways you can request equipment for a person depending on the type and cost of the equipment and the level of risk:

  1. Equipment Panel provider portals
  2. EasyOrder
  3. Fast Track
  4. Equipment Request Form (ERF).

For guidance on which process to use, view the Guide to requesting assistive technology (PDF, 0.04MB) and refer to the information below. If you require further assistance, contact the person's case manager or icare contact.

  • Equipment Panel provider portals

    Portals are available for 3 of our Equipment Panel providers:

    1. Aidacare
    2. ALTER Technology
    3. Independent Living Specialists

    You can use these portals to place orders, get quotes and request equipment servicing and trials.

    Register to use the portals using the links above, or contact the providers directly via phone or email to find out more.

  • EasyOrder

    EasyOrder is a quick way to order equipment considered low-cost and low-risk without submitting an equipment request.

    EasyOrder can be used for products not available from the Equipment Panel. A supplier can be selected from the list of suppliers that are familiar with EasyOrder and icare's invoicing process.

    icare does not have any agreements with suppliers outside of the panel. For a list of suppliers, please email

    Visit the EasyOrder page to find out:

    • how to order access EasyOrder
    • equipment available through EasyOrder
    • equipment not available through EasyOrder.
  • Fast Track

    icare has a 'Fast Track' approval process for selected simple and low risk requests for Lifetime Care participants and workers in the Workers Care program.

    The aim of this process is to reduce the time and effort for service providers in requesting these services, and for icare in making and communicating decisions.

    As part of this 'Fast Track' process, you can request some low risk equipment with a quote via email or phone call to the person's icare contact.

    Download the Fast Track Information Sheet (PDF 0.11MB)

  • Equipment Request Form

    The Equipment Request Form (ERF) can be used to request equipment (excluding continence or consumable products) considered to be Group 2 or 3 equipment according to the Guidelines for prescribers.

    Equipment Request Form (Word, 0.2 MB)