The NSW workers compensation system

The NSW workers compensation system provides support and assistance for injured workers as they recover from their injury. The system also aims to assist workers recover at work or return to work wherever possible.

Support and assistance may be provided in the form of lost wages; medical, hospital and rehabilitation treatment; return to work assistance; and, in certain cases, non-economic loss.

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is the NSW Government agency responsible for regulating the NSW workers compensation system.

Broadly speaking there are three types of insurers in the NSW workers compensation system, icare; self-insurers; and specialised insurers.

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    Our insurance and care schemes

  • icare workers insurance

    icare is a NSW Government agency that provides insurance and care services to statutory authorities and people with injuries under various compensation schemes. This includes the Workers Compensation Nominal Insurer, providing workers compensation to more than 295,000 employers and 3.4 million workers in NSW.

    icare workers insurance acts for the Workers Compensation Nominal Insurer and engages external insurers to manage workers compensation claims on its behalf. These external insurers are:
    • Allianz Australia Worker’s Compensation (NSW) Limited
    • Employers Mutual NSW Limited
    • GIO General Limited

    We also act on behalf of the Sporting Injuries Compensation Authority, which provides benefits for people seriously injured playing sport through a no-fault scheme.

    This includes all authorised sporting activities in NSW schools, as well as sports organisations that have sporting insurance cover through icare.

    Although all employers are required to hold a valid workers compensation insurance policy, should an employer not have a valid policy in place, an injured worker can still make a claim through the Uninsured Liability Scheme.

  • icare dust diseases care

    The Workers Compensation (Dust Diseases) Authority  provides compensation, treatment and care for workers with a dust disease and their dependents.  We provide services to the Workers Compensation (Dust Diseases) Authority through icare dust diseases care.

  • icare self insurance

    icare self insurance represents a statutory body that operates a number of NSW Government managed funds.

    As the authorised delegate, we manage the Treasury Managed Fund (TMF), which provides workers compensation cover (as well as cover for other liabilities, costs and expenses) for most public sector employers.

    icare self insurance engages external insurers to manage TMF claims on its behalf.  

    These external insurers are:

    • Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd
    • Employers Mutual Limited
    • QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited
  • icare lifetime care

    The Lifetime Care and Support Authority of New South Wales provides lifetime care and support for people severely injured in motor accidents in NSW regardless of who was at fault.

    The scheme is funded through a levy paid by motorists when they purchase a CTP Green Slip and currently supports around 1,000 people.

    icare provides services to the Lifetime Care and Support Authority of New South Wales through its service line, icare lifetime care.

Specialised insurers

Specialised insurers are licensed by SIRA to provide workers compensation insurance cover and manage workers compensation claims and liabilities for employers in a specific industry.

Regardless of which type of insurer is involved, all have an obligation to support your patient in their recovery and return to work, as well as managing claims to ensure they receive the correct entitlements.

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