The claims journey can be both complex and challenging. Discussing concerns as they develop can stop issues from escalating.

There are many parties involved in the workers compensation process who work together to support you in your recovery.

In the first instance try to discuss your concerns with the party directly, however, if this is not successful you may like to consider the following options: 

Your Claims Service Provider

Your Claims Service Provider (CSP) is there to coordinate the things you might need during your claim. There may be times where you are not satisfied with your experience.

If you have an enquiry or a complaint relating to your CSP or any other party involved in your claim, try to talk to them as soon as concerns arise. Your CSP may be able to resolve the issue quickly for you.

Feedback and complaints: Workers insurance claims

Independent Review Office (IRO)

The Independent Review Office (IRO) is an independent statutory office who provides services to assist injured workers with understanding their rights. IRO accepts enquiries or complaints about Claims Service Providers.

You can contact the IRO on:

Complaints relating to your employer or provider

If you have a complaint relating to your employer or a provider, you can contact:

State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA)

SIRA manages complaints about workers compensation legislation, employers, service providers and Claims Service Providers.

You can contact SIRA on:

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