Support for families and carers

We're committed to supporting families and carers of people who have sustained severe injuries at work or in a motor vehicle accident.

When somebody sustains a severe injury in a workplace incident or motor vehicle accident, the impacts are often felt by the person’s whole family.

As a family member or carer, we understand you might need help managing and adjusting to the changes in their life.

We’re working on delivering a higher level of support not only for the injured person, but also the people around them. We do this through programs such as Strength2Strength.

Support for families

Our support programs are designed for the families and carers of people who have sustained severe injuries in either a workplace incident or motor vehicle accident in NSW.

Strength2Strength program

The Strength2Strength program provides information, support and strategies for families dealing with changes and challenges following traumatic injury.

The program is a full-day group workshop run in different locations and online. It’s available to carers and family members of Lifetime Care participants and workers in the Workers Care Program.

To register your interest to attend a Strength2Strength workshop please email:

Carer's Way Ahead program

The Carer's Way Ahead is a free online step-by-step program for families and carers supporting an adult with a brain injury. The program can help you to:

  • learn about how a brain injury can affect a person’s behaviour
  • learn positive and helpful ways to respond to challenging behaviours related to the person’s brain injury.

Carer’s Way Ahead was developed in partnership with UNSW and is also available in number of languages other than English including Mandarin, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Slovakian.

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Other services available

  • Carer Gateway is an Australian Government program providing free assistance to carers to locate available services and supports relevant to their needs.
  • Carers NSW is the peak non-government organisation for carers in NSW which works collaboratively to lead change and action for carers.

Carer Journal

The Carer Journal is a resource for carers supporting their loved ones from soon after the person has been injured and throughout their rehabilitation. It contains tips and words of support from one carer to another. This journal was developed with Carers NSW as part of a mentoring initiative for carers.

Download a copy of the Carer Journal

Learn more about support and resources for injured people:

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