Carers Way Ahead Program

Providing support for those caring for people with a brain injury.

Earlier this week, icare, together with the University of New South Wales (UNSW), hosted a webinar to inform service providers and staff about a new program for carers and families to build psychological wellbeing as they support their loved ones living with a brain injury.

People living with a brain injury can experience difficulties in many areas of their life, such as communication, domestic tasks, relationships and employment. Due to their brain injury, they may also present behaviours that others can find challenging. This can be tough for those who care for them.

The Carers Way Ahead program is designed to help families and carers improve their understanding of challenging behaviours and respond in a positive and helpful way. In the program, carers learn strategies to help respond to challenging behaviours presented by the person with a brain injury they are supporting.

The free web-based program consists of seven modules, including two educational modules, four modules on specific challenging behaviours and a module to support carer wellbeing. Each module takes around 20 minutes to complete.

The self-directed program can be completed as a whole or based on the needs of the individual. It can also be completed with support from a psychologist, or other health professionals, if needed where one is involved.

Leading the development of the program are Dr Skye McDonald, Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology and Dr Kim Wallis, Research Assistant, both of UNSW. The program is open to families and carers of adults living with a brain injury.

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Hear from those who’ve completed the program

Anna* is a 63-year-old mother providing care for her 35-year-old son, who acquired a brain injury when he was only one month old.

Her son requires significant care around daily life and experiences difficulties with obtaining and maintaining employment due to the challenging behaviours displayed. Anna completed the program and has found it helpful in her role as a carer.

“The Carers Way Ahead program was a valuable experience providing skills and knowledge that I continue to consult as needed.”
Anna*, carer for a son with a brain injury

“Being a carer and having a successful, caring role involves making a toolbox with knowledge of different issues, strategies and tools to manage them. It also requires working as a family, taking care of yourself and getting professional help when needed. I highly recommended the program to others caring for a family member with a brain injury,” said Anna. 

icare’s Lifetime Care and Support Scheme and Workers Care Program provide treatment, rehabilitation and care support to around 1,500 people living with a brain injury.

We acknowledge the important role of families and carers who provide support to their loved ones.

* not her real name