Lifetime Care and Workers Care coronavirus (COVID-19) information for service providers

Advice regarding telehealth service provision by case managers, care needs assessors and allied health practitioners working with icare participants and workers.

The information was last updated on 3 September 2021.

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NSW Health

Vaccinations for service providers

Lifetime Care and Workers Care are committed to the safety of participants and workers, providers and staff.

As a NSW Government agency, we're working towards a position that all service providers working with Lifetime Care and Workers Care will be vaccinated if providing face-to-face or in-home services to participants and workers. This includes allied health providers, medical practitioners, and disability support workers.

Telehealth services for icare participants and workers

Lifetime Care and Workers Care support the use of telehealth if it's safe and effective for the participant or worker and if appropriate for the service being delivered. Participants and workers need to consent to receive services via telehealth. A broader application of telehealth may be required due to current COVID-19 restrictions however it is expected that face-to-face services will resume in most cases when safe to do so.

icare considers that the following services are best delivered face-to-face to participants/workers except in exceptional circumstances:

  • Care needs assessments
  • Case management: initial meetings and planning conversations
  • FIM assessments
  • Prescriptions of home modifications or customised equipment.